17 Signs That Serve No Purpose Than To Make Us Laugh

Signs are made to keep us safe, discourage stupid behaviour, and provide us with useful information — well,usually. But when you see how completely useless these signs are, you’ll seriously wonder what people were thinking when they put them up.

There’s going to be a lot of confusion ahead, folks.

1. Something tells me they’re not going to put up a fight.

2. Because everyone knows you enter through the exit.

3. You can’t miss it.

4. I would have NEVER figured that out.

5. That worked well.

6. Who would have known there were other things beyond this point?

7. Guess it’s not a secret anymore…

8. I had no idea…

9. But it kind of is…

10. There’s no way you’d see it from here…

11. What an ingenious solution!

12. Good thing that sign was there to warn me about…that sign.

13. You don’t say…

14. I totally would have missed that.

15. Um, okay.

16. Well, yes.

17. I definitely needed that clarification.

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