James McAvoy Plays a Terrifying Bad Guy in New M. Night Shyamalan Trailer

According to the official synopsis, Split is about a guy named Kevin (McAvoy) who has shared 23 different personas with his shrink (Betty Buckley)—but actually has one more very sinister face lurking deep within. It’s slowly rising to the surface, and has compelled Kevin to kidnap three teenage girls and stash them in his basement, where they frantically fight to survive as their captor grows ever more confused and insane.

Here’s the intriguing trailer, featuring multiple McAvoys and The Witch’s breakout star, Anya Taylor-Joy, who’s barely recognisable with brown hair and a modern American accent. It looks like a dark fairy tale wrapped in a contemporary horror movie—and the ominous strings and the title typeface underline Split’s debt to Psycho, too.