6 Reasons You Should Be Watching: Preacher

We continue our slightly regular guide to shows to watch to fill the Game of Thrones shaped void in your life, this week with Preacher.

8 reasons you should watch Preacher

1. Its just started!

We are 7 episodes into the first season, and Preacher screams out to be binge watched. That’s what the winter nights are for after all.

2. Its on AMC

You know, those guys who made Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead. Ya, they know how to make good shows.


3. The premise.

The story is based on a comic book that debuted 21 years ago, by British writer and artist team Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. It’s a supernatural story with really dark comedy and serious violence that follows West Texas preacher Jesse Custer, possessed by a unknown powerful force that grants him unique powers. Along with his ex-girlfriend Tulip and Irish vampire Cassidy he sets about taking God to task, while evading the various human and supernatural forces who all seem to want him dead. Oh, and it has a character called Arseface, because, well..

Ian Colletti,<em> Preacher</em>

In the first episode alone we see a vampire kill a guy with a broken champagne bottle, then pour out the blood/booze mixture and drinking it, and a woman teaches kids how to make a homemade bazooka. It’s crazy.


4. It has a stellar cast

Howard Stark himself, Dominic Cooper is playing Jesse and serial scene-stealer Joseph Gilgun (Misfits, This Is England) is playing Cassidy, while Ethiopian-Irish actress Ruth Negga, known for Love/Hate Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Misfits, is Tulip.


5. It’s got some big names behind it.

Huge fans of the comic it’s based on, Seth Rogen and his writer/director partner Evan Goldberg are producing the show and have directed the pilot.


So if you weren’t sold on the comic book aspect, then maybe the fact that it’s by the makers of Superbad and This Is The End will convince you?

Oh, and the day-to-day running of the show is in the hands of Breaking Bad writer Sam Catlin. Not a bad team at all.

8 reasons you should watch Preacher


6. Its already been renewed.

We can watch away safe in the knowledge we will be getting another 10 episode run next year.

7. Tom Cruise dies in the first episode.

W know we are only meant to give you 6 reasons, but we can’t leave this out. Rogen’s not worried about pissing off Cruise. “My barometer for controversy has been so drastically readjusted over the last few years that a few angry tweets doesn’t even register on my Richter scale anymore,” he says. “Unless a world leader is condemning me, I don’t consider it a controversy.”

Now go watch us and let us know what you think!

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