Mr. Robot Just Answered Its Biggest Cliffhanger In a Promo

Up until now the promos for season 2 of Mr. Robot have been incredibly oblique with few hints of what’s to come. While the video just screened on Facebook Live earlier today doesn’t hint at what’s coming either, it does answer a major question left dangling since season one.

The cliffhanger in questions come from the ninth episode of the series when lucky freedom hacker Elliot met up with murderous corporate hacker Tyrell and revealed f society’s entire plan to destroy Tyrell’s former employer, Evil Corp. What would happen next?!

The tenth, and final episode, of the first season blue-balled viewers by skipping over what happened and jumping straight into the aftermath. The financial world was on fire, Tyrell was missing, and Elliot was deeply confused.

Now, thanks to a Facebook Live video, we know what happened between episodes nine and 10… or at least we know more. The video ends with Tyrell watching the destruction of Evil Corp while Elliot reaches into a popcorn maker.

Astute viewers, and those that just rewatched the show to prep for the premiere July 13, know that a gun was hidden in the popcorn.

Did Elliot murder Tyrell? Hold him hostage? Attack him and run away? We’ll know more on the 13th. Or at 5pm EST today when the Mr. Robot Facebook page drops another video.

Now that’s doing your show promotion right.



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