Guns, Weed, Danger: Watch New ‘War Dogs’ Trailer

The incredible true story of two 20-year-old stoners who became international arms dealers will head to the big screen this August with War Dogs. The film, based on a 2011 Rolling Stone article, stars Miles Teller and Jonah Hill as the weed-loving, weapons-selling dudes, and in the newest trailer for the film, we see the dark, dangerous underbelly of their unlikely career path.

“This is the job: To do business with the people the U.S. government can’t do business with directly,” Hill’s character tells Teller’s. The film bounces from Fallujah, Iraq to the glitzy Hollywood Hills, from Eastern European war zones to shadowy Washington, D.C. boardrooms. Along the way, the bros encounter mercenaries, militants and a shady criminal played by Bradley Cooper.

Todd Phillips (Road Trip, The Hangover series) directed the film off a script he co-wrote with Jason Smilovic and Stephen Chin. War Dogs is out August 19th.

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