Imagine coming home to a bear in your pool?

A Southern California bear was caught by residents beating the record Father’s Day heat with a relaxing dip in a family’s backyard pool.

Marilyn Di Filippo posted a video to Facebook showing the bear’s Sunday swim in the pool behind her Bradbury home.

“Bear taking a dip in the pool, trying to beat the triple digit temps,” Di Filippo wrote.

Shannon Lievense, Di Filippo’s daughter, said she was visiting her parents Sunday when she spotted the paw-prints near the pool.

Lievense went to investigate and witnessed the bear running around a corner and jumping into the pool.

“He continued to play around for about 20 minutes. We watched him play with the different rafts, and my baby’s pool toys,” Lievense told KABC-TV.

Excessive heat warnings were in place for much of the area Sunday as record temperatures in the region reached nearly 120 degrees.

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