Snapchat is going to start showing ads and we don’t think you will like how

The photo messaging app is constantly growing in popularity and shows no sign of stopping, this might be because it is constantly changing and developing.

The constant updates on the app means that people don’t get bored with it, but a new update on its way could mean a dip in its popularity.

Snapchat will now play ads between your friend’s stories.

Although they won’t interrupt any individual story, they will sit at the end of one story before the next one starts to play, According to TechCrunch.

Users will see other apps being advertised on snapchat, and can swipe up if they want to install the app being shown. Swiping up for other products could bring you to a website, an instant article or long-form video.

Companies who want to advertise with Snapchat can also do so by using custom filters, which is already in place.

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