The Trailer for FIFA 17 will make you drool

It’s hard to continually top the efforts of the year before when a game is released on an annual basis, but the folks at EA Sports haven’t been doing a bad job as far as FIFA is concerned and they’re going all out to do likewise again this year.

EA released the first teaser trailer for the new game on Monday, which features Eden Hazard, Anthony Martial, James Rodriguez and Marco Reus, as well as the voice of new Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

The teaser also offers a nostalgic look through the years at previous FIFA games – including the very first one – and refers to the use in the new game of Frostbite, a gaming engine used on other EA games such as Battlefield.


The full trailer will be unveiled on June 12 and the game itself will be released in New Zealand on September 29.


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