Watch: An Officiating Horror-Show Saved Brazil As Their ‘Keeper Dropped The Ultimate Bollock

Ecuador manager Gustavo Quinteros believes that his team’s disallowed goal in their 0-0 Copa America draw with Brazil would have been counted by officials had it gone in from his opponents.

With a pulsating game entering its final 25 minutes, Ecuadorian winger Miller Bolanos played a poor cross towards the Brazilian goal which seemed like it would do little to trouble Brazil goalkeeper Alisson.

It would trouble him quite severely, as it transpired, and the 23-year-old Roma goalkeeper inexplicably managed to both fumble and bundle the ball over his own line, his head slumping in recognition of the howler.

Incredibly, however, the linesman on the far side of Bolanos’ timid effort flagged before the ball hit the net, claiming to have seen the ball go out of play before reaching the goal. We’ll let you make your own mind up on that, but let’s put it this way: the ball most certainly did not go out before reaching the goal.

Ecuador manager Quinteros told reporters:

I just saw the replay several times, and unfortunately the referees again make a mistake in favor of the stronger team.

In fact, if the play had been on the other side, we doubt very much that the referee would have decided to invalidate that goal.

Here’s a shot of the exact moment Bolanos’ boot connected with the ball:

Screenshot (1137)


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