Top Gear Reruns! Errr, … I mean Returns!

Be warned if you continue reading after this point you will encounter the following:

  1. Light spoilers
  2. My opinion, given with no regard to other’s opinions
  3. Occasional Adult Language and Concepts, because … you know.

So Top Gear is back and much like the scene of a car crash, the rubberneckers are flocking in multitudes to stare uselessly at the carnage.

Except there wasn’t any really.

So the usual round of criticism abounded as soon as the show went to air, from the pre-programmed outrage machine we call Social Media, but that was to be expected.

That die-hard fans of Clarkson’s-Unholy-Trinity were going to hate it was as sure a bet as ‘rapey-killy things’ would be happening on GoT. So no big surprise.

Basically it was the same format, with a couple of tweaks, featuring rigged contests, stupid ideas and a obnoxiously dislikeable host shouting at the camera. So pretty much the same as before, just with a new cast.

Chris Evans is trying too hard, but it’s one episode, so he can be forgiven. Honestly if you found this ‘new’ Top Gear a travesty then you were never really a fan of the ‘old’ Top Gear, just the knobs that presented it.

Personally I had thought Top Gear was entertaining enough even if I despised the main host, but as the years wore on and they got more and more racist and obnoxious I stopped watching all together around five years ago. It just wasn’t worth the dirty feeling I’d get watching along with people unembarrassed by their tacit acceptance of loutish behaviour dressed up as humour. Or ‘bants’ as they might have called it had they survived their own egos long enough.


More interesting was that the poster features seven people and episode one only had three; Evans, Le Blanc and the Stig. No idea who or where the other four fit in, but I’m sure they’ll appear later on.

Was it good? Yes.

Will I watch it again? Yes.

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