Real-life version of Fred Flintstone’s car found illegally parked in Florida

The┬áCity of Key West, Florida., put out a call for help to find the owner of a most unusual illegally parked vehicle — a replica of a car from The Flintstones.

The city said in a Facebook post that a Stone Age vehicle resembling that driven by Fred Flintstone and company in the classic cartoon series (and live-action films) was found illegally parked without anyone around to claim the unique piece of property.

“This Flintstone car is in front of 828 Emma Street. It is illegally parked in the public right of way. It’s been red tagged, but the City would really like to find the owner before we have to take it away. The owner has not yet come forward. Please, if you know whose it is, let them know. Please help us find the owner of this ride… QUICKLY!” the post said.

The post yielded several tongue-in-cheek comments recommending city officials look up Fred Flintstone and buddy Barney Rubble in the local telephone directory or “check with Mr. Slate at the rock quarry.”

Even the official Facebook account for The Flintstones got in on the action, commenting: “Sorry about that! – Fred Flintstone.”

The city later updated the post to say the vehicle’s owner had been identified.

“THE OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED! Thanks to everyone who helped on this! And thanks for all the funny remarks. This island is awesome!” city officials wrote.


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