Want to check your Uber rating? It’s surprisingly easy.

Uber has changed our lives. It’s simple, its easy, and when you wake up after the night before it shows you how you got home! Most of the time anyway. We all know that we can rate the drivers, and that they in turn rate you, but did you know its possible to find your star rating under the ‘Help’ section on your profile.

Let’s have a look at how you can see it…

Uber tutorial 1

On this screen press ‘Help’.

Uber tutorial

Then you want to tap on ‘Account’, then ‘I’d like to know my rating’, and finally press ‘Submit’.

There you have it.

I checked mine and I’m rated 5 which I actually found pretty amazing considering the amount of drunken drives home. It just goes to show that the drivers don’t really bother marking you down unless you are real bad….

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