Kelis Finally Admits She’s Never Made a Milkshake Before

n 2003, the singer Kelis famously crooned about how her “milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,” gazing seductively into the camera as she sipped the drink through a straw. The vague, euphemistic track peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and catapulted the artist into the spotlight. But five years later, Kelis took a break from the music industry to enrol at Le Cordon Bleu, becoming a certified chef.

Last year, the singer released her début cookbook, My Life on a Plate: Recipes From Around the World, but there’s still one recipe fans surprisingly won’t be able to find in its pages. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever made a milkshake,” the singer admitted to the Guardian on Monday, ending a 13-year cover-up. “I made a smoothie the other day that was really good—protein powder, spinach, orange, and crushed ice with a little bit of honey and coconut water. I’ll make you a Kelis smoothie next time you come over.”

The news is sure to leave thousands of fans with permanent trust issues. And while a “Kelis smoothie” is perhaps a healthy alternative to a milkshake, it’s hard to imagine many boys traveling to her yard for it. Still, the singer offered up some solid tips on cooking shrimp alcapurrias to help soften the blow.

“It’s nothing like fish sticks,” she told the hopelessly British Guardian. “The root is Yautía [cocoyam], that’s the casing. You shred a Yautía and stuff it with the shrimp and it’s almost like a dumpling kind of thing.”

[via Guardian]

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