All the New, Returning, and Canceled TV Series You Need to Know

Thanks to the big network upfronts, there’s been a barrage of TV updates this week. How to keep track of which shows were cancelled? Which got another season? Which pilots got a pass? And, most excitingly, which new entries got the green light? We’ve got you covered with all the important TV announcements in one convenient location.

(Note: some of the new shows may not air until 2017 if they are chosen to be midseason replacements.)


Cancelled: Marvel’s Agent Carter (star Hayley Atwell had already been cast as the lead on another ABC show, legal drama Conviction); Galavant; The Muppets

Returning: Agents of SHIELD; Once Upon a Time

Passed over: Agents of SHIELD spin-off Marvels Most Wanted, which would have focused on the adventures of Mockingbird and Hunter; Spark, that weird-sounding “it’s 2016 but everything is somehow totally steampunk” drama

New: Imaginary Mary, about a woman (Jenna Elfman) whose new relationship is complicated by the fact that her new boyfriend has three kids.

AND the fact that her imaginary friend from childhood (an animated character voiced by Rachel Dratch) suddenly reappears in her life. Awkward.

Then there’s Still Star-Crossed, a sequel to Romeo and Juliet from megaproducer Shonda Rimes.


“Where this tragedy ends, an even greater story begins,” including another would-be Montague-Capulet wedding, apparently.

And, finally, there’s time-travel adventure Time After Time, in which H.G. Wells chases Jack the Ripper into contemporary New York City.

It’s based on the 1979 novel-turned-movie and is produced by Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries).


Canceled: CSI: Cyber; Person of Interest

Returning: Elementary; Scorpion; Zoo; Supergirl—but it will shift to the CW

Passed over: Detective show Drew, inspired by the Nancy Drew book series (apparently the program “skewed too female,” !!!)

New: MacGyver, with X-Men: Apocalypse’s Lucas Till as a younger version of the guy who can build literally anything using a cup of sugar, a stick of deodorant, and a roll of duct tape

Not yet confirmed: The fate of Limitless; as of this writing, CBS is “in discussion with other potential buyers”

Fox (Trailers can be seen here)

Canceled: Minority Report, Second Chance (which doesn’t get a second chance)

Returning: Gotham, The Last Man on Earth, Lucifer, Scream Queens, Sleepy Hollow, Wayward Pines

New: The Exorcist, a drama inspired by the classic horror film.

It stars Geena Davis and looks to be more of an “inspired-by” take on theExorcist concept rather than having much to do with the original movie. Spooky, though.

Next, there’s time-travel comedy Making History (previously known as In Time).

The time machine is a giant duffel bag, the jokes are actually funny, and the Colonial America sets and costumes look just one step up from Drunk History. Just a few reasons why this show looks extremely promising.

Finally, there’s animated/live-action hybrid Son of Zorn.

That’s Jason Sudeikis voicing the Hot Pocket-obsessed warrior who cuts quite the odd figure in suburbia.

Also of note: The X-Files won’t be back next season to let us know if the world ended or not after that cliffhanger, but it’s looking good for 2017-2018. And the network’s updated take on The Rocky Horror Picture Show will air around Halloween:


Cancelled: Heroes Reborn stopped being reborn back in January

Returning: Blindspot, Grimm

New: The only NBC show with a trailer so far is time-travel drama Timeless.

Yes, that makes three new shows about time travel, though they all look like wildly different programs despite that shared element.

There’s also Tarsem Singh’s gorgeous-looking, Wizard of Oz-inspired Emerald City; Midnight, Texas, a supernatural drama from the writer of True Blood; and DC superhero office comedy Powerless.

The CW

Canceled: Containment

Returning: The 100; Arrow; Beauty and the Beast; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow; The Flash; iZombie; The Originals; Supernatural; The Vampire Diaries; and (as noted above) Supergirl will jump to the CW for its second season

Passed over: “Untitled Transylvania project,” which actually sounded like it had some cheesy monster potential; an untitled supernatural drama from Time After Time’s Kevin Williamson (this one is “being redeveloped”); and an untitled drama about Mars explorers

New: Frequency, about a detective who is able to talk to her dead father, also a detective, over a special ham radio (yes, it’s based on the movie, and yes, it’salmost another entry in this season’s time-travel derby); Riverdale, which puts a contemporary twist on the Archie Comics characters (but isn’t, apparently, an adaptation of the current comic book, which has been doing that for some time)

H/T [IO9,The Hollywood Reporter, TV Line]

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