Give me a “Quantum” Break.

Be warned if you continue reading after this point you will encounter the following:

  1. Light spoilers
  2. My opinion, given with no regard to other’s opinions
  3. Occasional Adult Language and Concepts, because … you know.

So another game I pre-ordered, something I’ve been doing a lot of recently despite having an opinion that ‘wait and see’ is a much better idea than rushing out and spending $100 on something you know little about.

However. In my defence though I got the chance to meet and speak to Shawn Ashmore via XBOX NZ who graciously picked me at random with a bunch of others to attend the press junket that Microsoft did to promote the game Quantum Break.

So cue the cheesy pose (star-fucker that I am) and spent 5 or 6 minutes talking about being in a video game, the X-Men, Warehouse 13 and Killjoys (the other two were a discussion about sibling rivalry and his brother Aaron (Google them if you don’t know)).



Frankly he was a nice guy to chat to and very personable, so I had a lot of reasons to pony up and buy the game.

Also the crew at Mighty Ape had a bunch of pre-order shit to go with (Steelbook, Poster & T-shirt) and I am a goddam sucker for this kind of free/not-free merch!

quantum break shit


And so I ventured into the world of Quantum Break which is heralded as this hybrid TV-Show and Game mind-meld thing.

Is it good? Yes. I actually enjoy playing the game parts and the TV show parts are well acted, well funded and overall it’s a nice experience.

The combat is fun, using powers to bend time (time bubble full of bullets all exploding at once is AWSM) and shooting loads of people with no thought to consequence? Well that’s what games are for, because IRL? Kind of Psychotic, and anti-social.

The episodes I think were about 20 minutes a piece and there were 5 I think? I’m not sure because I stopped watching them quickly. Not because they were bad but because they break up the action, and you get the option to skip them and watch later, which I took the chance to do early on to enjoy the game a bit more.

But then the guilt kind of seeps in and you get a niggle that you’re not playing properly and all the massive effort to make these episodes is wasted, but then you play on. If a game does that to me though? It’s not great, it breaks my suspension of disbelief and reminds me that I’m not fully immersed.

Having said that QB is a lot of fun, mind bending time-travel nonsense about fate and being unable to change the future wobbles all over the place, timey-wimey style and you get to shoot at a lot of stuff. Add to this excellent acting from Ashmore, Lance Reddick (The boss guy from The Wire and Fringe), and one of the Hobbits (one of the little Irish ones) and you have star spotting as well as a halfway decent cast.

Replay value? A few goes through again are on the cards, because you get these five or so junction points that are kind of like moral decisions/branches where the story changes and the tone shifts (We can do this the HARD way or the EASY way).

Is it good? Yes.

Is it worth full price? Errr.. maybe 20% off would be acceptable or if you got a bunch o stuff with it too…




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