Don’t steal from Robbie Henshaw, he will send Bundee Aki after you!

Earlier this month, Robbie Henshaw’s car was broken into and a bag, containing his laptop, was stolen.

Henshaw posted an image of the car on Instagram – which has since been deleted – issuing a warning to whoever had taken the laptop: he’d be sending Bundee Aki their way.


It sounded like a joke at the time, it turns it was not.

Today’s Irish Sunday World reports that Connacht players, including Aki and Kieran Marmion, rocked up to a Galway estate having used the ‘Find My Laptop’ app to locate Henshaw’s missing property.

This happened nearly two weeks ago – at 5pm on May 3rd – the day after Henshaw posted to Instagram.

Henshaw’s laptop was in the possession of the McDonagh family.

The Connacht players’ arrival at the estate sparked in a confrontation with the McDonaghs, video of which can be seen on the Sunday World’s website. It ended with the arrival of Gardaí.

Ellen McDonagh, mother of Kevin who was in possession of the laptop, told the Sunday World her son did not know the item was stolen when he made the purchase.

About ten lads arrived up here and we only found out after from the Gardaí they were from the Connacht rugby team.

It was a big surprise seeing so many people from the team arrive up here and I don’t think it was professional.

She also felt the players should not have ‘taken the law into their own hands’.

You can’t just be arriving up at people’s house like that taking the law into your own hands.

I think when it’s players from the Connacht Rugby then they should be more professional than that.


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