A Good News Story From Old Trafford To Warm Your Heart

While we know know that it was just a mix up that meant that Old Trafford was evacuated today, there were always going to have fans who were inconvenienced. Every week supporters come from all over the world to Manchester just to see a game undertaking huge cost.

One of these, Moses was in Manchester specifically to see his first game at Old Trafford only to be turned away without seeing the game:

View image on Twitter

This is Moses. He came from Sierra Leon to watch United it’s his first match at Old Trafford. He’s distraught.

But the goodwill amongst people is alive and well, and the Man United supporter’s trust cobbled together a ticket to the FA Cup final, and are paying for his change of flight

Update on Moses whose first game at OT today. We’re paying for a change of flight date and he’s going to Wembley!

He looks happy now.

View image on Twitter

Moses is a happy man. This is what being United is about.

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