Hotel staff accommodate businessman’s bizarre and hilarious special requests

A businessman’s bizarre requests to staff at a Salt Lake City hotel are going viral after photos of his successes were posted online.

Sean Fitzsimons, 28, whose hotel requests went viral thanks to a Reddit post by friend Janet Fortener, said he has been visiting Salt Lake City from Denver every alternating week for about four years, and he recently decided to make his visits more interesting by using the “additional requests” form of his hotel’s booking process.

Fortener’s post included photos of Fitzsimons’ requests along with photos of the requests as fulfilled by hotel staff.

“If it’s not too much trouble could you build a fort out of pillows? It’s definitely not for a 28-year-old male,” Fitzsimons wrote, leading hotel staff to do just that on his room’s bed along with a note reading “You’re welcome” with a smiling emoticon.

“I got bored doing the routine checking-in and checking-out, so I thought, why not try a random request?” Fitzsimons told ABC News.


You can see some more of his requests in the video below.


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