House of Cards is a great show, but it needs to end

When House of Cards first premiered back in 2013, it took me a while to get on board with it. The gloss and over-symmetrical cinematography, Kevin Spacey’s questionable Southern accent. Even the breaking of the fourth wall (something I missed when it petered out in later seasons) felt unnatural at first.

By about half way through Season 1, I was hooked, and eagerly awaited the release of a fresh batch each year in all its 13-episode glory.

I have just finished watching Season 4, and although I’m still very much a fan of the show, it needs to end next season – now would have been better. Without going into too much detail (and spoilers if you still need to catch up), the show hasn’t moved. It boils down to how much you like seeing Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright scheme, succeed or fail, and scheme some more. The answer is a lot – I like it a lot, but at this point I’ve had my fill.

There’s too much temptation to keep a good thing going in TV land. A good show doesn’t have to be a long-running show (see Firefly). Stretching out a show can harm the lasting memory of it (*cough* Supernatural, How I met Your Mother). With all the love I have for Game of Thrones, I was still relieved when it was announced we may only have 13 or so episodes left after the current season.

Priority number one should be to tell a story – a good story, and then stop.

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