Metal covers of Pop Songs!

Here at BroCodeNZ we often argue about music and while we all agree we cannot stand and in cases (mine) detest the manufactured boybands covering old classics we do love a different take on covers when heavy riffs are applied! In honour of the metal riff here are the top  6 .66 metal covers!

6.  Awaken Demons – “here comes the hot stepper”. The original by Ini Kamoze was a big hit back in 1994 describing a man on the run from the law. Awaken Demons cover is loud and throat rippingingly good! Enjoy!


5. Rage against the Mahcine – “The Ghost of Tom Joad”. Originally released by Bruce Springsteen the ghost of Tom Joad is a character from Steinbeck’s 1939 novel “The Grapes of Wrath”. A folk song it was covered by RATM on their “Renegades” album to critical acclaim whereby Rage covered tracks and artists that inspired them. The guitar of Morello captures the sound of a helicopter flying over a LA underpass as the homeless sleep below.

4. Five Finger Death Punch – “House of the Rising Sun”. Dating back to 1905 this song has been covered frequently and appears on Bob Dylan’s first album. It was not until “the Animals” covered it in 1964 did it achieve global notoriety and Dylan never played it again. 5FDP covered the song on their 5th album and with a Mad Maxesque vibe to the video the song pays homage to the original like only the death punch could!


3.  Alien Ant Farm – “Smooth Criminal”. MJ’s classic was covered by AAF in 2001. It is just as good as the original and with so many MJ references in the video makes it a fitting tribute to the wacky world that was MJ. Every time I watch the video I often ask myself I wonder where the moon walking kid is these days?


2.  Marilyn Mason –  “Sweet Dreams”. The shock rockers take on the Eurythmics iconic classic opened up the dark innards of the song as only Manson could with a terrifying sound and video to match! Sweet Dreams are made of …………


  1. Disturbed – ” The Sound of Silence”. The Gears of War trailer has opened this Simon and Garfunkel classic to the gaming generation through the medium of Disturbed and their melodic metal sound. Having covered Genesis and Tears for Fears to critical acclaim this song is spine tingling, haunting and intense and one listen is never enough.

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