This could be a game changer for anyone with an ACL injury

ACL injuries are a sports person’s worst nightmare, but an advancement could see the recovery time slashed.

The below video shows the process of “bridge enhancing ACL surgery”, a revolutionary technique developed by Dr. Martha Murray in the United States, which could prove to be a game changer  for both professional and amateur sportsmen alike.

The process involves inserting a protein sponge in between the torn ligaments, and once that is filled with blood taken from the patient’s body it will bridge the ligaments allowing them to heal. The sponge then dissipates leaving the repaired ligaments intact, remarkably, after just six to eight weeks.

As someone who has been unfortunate enough to suffer an ACL tear I would have loved to have this available when it happened. Hopefully this lives up to it’s billing and we see shorter recovery times for athletes who fall victim to ACL injuries.