Shocking scenes as players have to jump into crowd to diffuse a fight.

An English rugby league match this afternoon was marred by the break-out of fighting amongst Salford supporters in the stand. After the game in which the Salford  beat the Huddersfield Giants 26-24 – Salford players Junior S’au and Justin Carney had to jump into the crowd to diffuse the situation, allegedly in response to cries for help from younger fans. A Super League fan page have tweeted the following pictures:

The Daily Mail reported that the fighting had been brewing throughout the game, with a section of the Salford support allegedly fighting with stewards and lighting flares. A supporter has posted the below video of the incident:


Salford tweeted:

We’d like to apologise for the behaviour of some of our fans today. We’ll be working with @Giantsrl to find those involved.

We do not condone any behaviour of the sort.

While Salford player Marwan Koukash said:

My apologies to @Giantsrl and to the decent fans.The Thugs responsible will be identified and dealt with. There is no place in RL for them.

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