[LIFE HACK] 11 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Get Ahead In Life

Psychology is a tricky subject. Getting into matters of the mind is difficult because studies rely heavily upon mental activity, and there’s nothing tangible to work with when researchers attempt to nail concepts down. That being said, the enigmatic nature of human psychology is what makes it so interesting.

Here are a few psychological tricks that will definitely help you get what you want!

1. If you’re looking to build rapport with someone, make sure that your skin is warm when you shake hands with them. Cold hands have been linked to distrust.

2. Want people to heed your words? Due to patriarchal social structures, people tend to take information more seriously when someone says it was relayed to them by their father.

3. When you’re playing rock, paper, scissors, ask your opponent a question right before you start the chant. They will almost always choose scissors.

4. When you’re trying to get your kids to eat foods they don’t like, ask them if they want 2 pieces or 5 pieces. By making them feel like they have some control over the outcome, you trick them into eating their fruits and veggies.

5. When asking someone a question, an easy way to get them to agree with you is to nod while you’re talking. It makes listeners think that what you’re saying is true.

6. If you think that someone is stalking you, yawn and then immediately look at the person you suspect is watching you. If your suspicions are accurate, they’ll yawn, too.

7. When you have a song stuck in your head, the best way to get rid of it is to think of the end of the track. As dictated by the Zeigarnik Effect, your mind will continue to think of things that have been left unfinished, so if you think of the end of the song, you’ll be able to get it out of your system.

8. The best way to get through a crowded area is to look toward your final destination. Suddenly, a walkway will open up. In busy areas, people gauge where others are going by determining which way they’re looking. They then either join the flow or get out of the way.

9. If you think that someone is going to talk badly about you in a professional setting, sit next to that person. It is much harder to speak poorly of someone who’s in close proximity to you, so they’ll probably take it easy.

10. If you really want to mess with someone’s head, pick a certain word that they say often. Every time they say that word, nod your head. That’ll lead to instant concern and annoyance.

11. Having a hard time getting someone to open up? Ask them a question, and once they’re finished talking, look right into their eyes for a few seconds. This will subconsciously urge them to keep going.

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