Crowd Funding Site Set Up For Nazi Fast & Furious Spin-Off ‘Fast Nein’

Now here’s an idea for the next movie in the ‘Fast & Furious’ series which probably hasn’t been considered.

A crowd-funding drive has been set up to make ‘Fast Nein: The Fast and the Führer’, a new episode in the high octane movie series in which ‘the team goes back in time to race Hitler!’

Launched by movie fan Jordan VanDina, he seems to have actually put a fair amount of work in to the project, posting a whole 71-page script for the movie.

But despite the effort that’s gone in, VanDina doesn’t actually want any money.

“This campaign has no affiliation with Universal or anyone involved in the Fast & Furious franchise,” he says in a disclaimer.

“I also have no power or authority to make this movie. Please don’t donate to this but feel free to read the script.”

Well, that’s honest at least.

With a hefty target of $100 million, it’s unlikely he’ll reach the sum in two months, but $55 has been pledged so far, so there’s clearly some very limited appetite for a Nazi-based F&F movie.

To pledge your support, you can check the site here…

‘Fast & Furious 8′, meanwhile, is due out in 2017.

Image credits: IndieGoGo/Universal

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