Exciting news for fans of Steven Avery & Making a Murderer

The case that gripped the world has some gone quiet for a while, however some news has broken in the last day that could be huge. Kathleen Zellner, his new attorney,  is reportedly “highly confident” that she’ll get Avery out of prison in the next few months, possibly without needing a new trial.

Those details emerged after Curtis Busse, the man behind the Steven Avery Project, spoke to radio station WIBX 950AMabout the current state of the case.

“We’re not even looking for a new trial. We’re actually looking for an exoneration.

“Zellner’s very confident, and Steven is also very confident that it’s not gonna take that much time. And we’re talking months here.”

Busse has advised that new DNA evidence and phone records will prove the man at the centre of Making A Murderer innocent.

Listen to the full interview here:

Clip via YouTube/WIBX

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