Teaser for Code 8 leaves us curious and crying out for more.

A short, intriguing teaser for a film called Code 8 has just been actor Robbie Amell (The Flash, The X-Files), and it looks like a cross of Chappie and  X-Men.

The teaser tells us that 4% of the population possess ‘abnormal’ abilities’, and that that small number make up 60% of arrests, before jumping to a clip of a drone dropping robotic police officers onto a street.

The initial trailer has us curious to find out more about this movie.


There’s a handy countdown to that date on Code 8‘s official website, where interested viewers can sign up to receive “exclusive” updates. While the teaser video doesn’t reveal much, it’s already achieved an intriguing, ominous vibe that hints at an overactive police force unfairly arresting harmless people with enhanced skills. Robbie Amell may have been inspired by more than just working with Stephen while at The CW, since his series The Tomorrow People was also about those who had evolved with superior abilities like telepathy and teleportation. It’s too early to tell exactly how successful this new Amells collaboration might be, but it already looks pretty impressive for a project cooked up in the last six months or so by “friends and family.”

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