Auckland woman taunts Police searching for her.

An Auckland woman has taken to Facebook to publicly taunt police who have a warrant out for her arrest.

Counties Manukau police posted a public plea on their Facebook page for information on the whereabouts of Dayna Paparoa, along with a mug shot of her.

“She has cut her hair very short and has a tattoo on her right forearm of a black cross with angel wings,” police wrote.

Police have a warrant to arrest Dayna Paparoa for breaching home detention conditions.


Police have a warrant to arrest Dayna Paparoa for breaching home detention conditions.

The 19-year-old is wanted for breaching her home detention conditions.

Minutes after police posted about Paparoa on Facebook, a person with the same name commented: “YOU NOT DOING YOUR JOBS PROPERLY MY BROS HAHAHAH”.

Police replied, saying: “If you want to make it easier for us, why don’t you pop into a Police Station and we can sort out your breach.”

Paparoa then insinuated that she would smoke marijuana first.

She then proceeded to engage in various conversations within the comment thread, which has been shared and liked hundreds of times.

Commenter Sarah Harris expressed her support saying: “This is sooooo on! You are hilarious gf [girlfriend]! There’s heaps more serious issues happening – thanks for making my day commenting to the cops – and on your own wanted pic! Hope you makkkeeee it!”

Others, including Dezaa N Kaius-Reign, said: “This immature little girl thinks it’s a joke yet she won’t be laughing once the police officers get their hands on her behind closed doors. Obviously wants to learn the hard way.”

Police said it would only be a matter of time before Paparoa is caught.

“In situations like these, it’s inevitable that they will be apprehended,” said senior constable Garry Boles.

Boles said this is not the first instance of people commenting on their own wanted posts on Facebook, but it does slow down the official process.

“If anything, it causes a great inconvenience to the family and friends who just want to see them out of harm’s way.”

 – Stuff

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