World’s first 3D Printed Supercar


3D printing technology isn’t new technology. The recent surge in 3D printing research and corporate interest has allowed us to make almost everything with the help of this revolutionary manufacturing technology from rocket parts to 3D printed organs. The early misconception that the implementation of the 3D technology was limited is long gone. Divergent MicroFactories, a startup from the USA has successfully made a 3D printed supercar and named it Blade.


Blade is by no means inferior to other supercars of its category. It has a bigger thrust-to-weight ratio than Bugatti Veyron itself and weighs significantly less than 90 percent cars of its genre at just 635kg and 30 % of electric cars.  It can go 0-100 kmph in just 2 seconds and harnesses a 700 bhp engine.


At 50 times less to produce than other similar supercars, 3D printing and Divergent MicroFactories could bring supercars to mere mortals.

I’ll take 2 please!


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