Some people still don’t know about Rocket League?

I’ve never been a huge football fan, so when someone first described Rocket League to me as “5-a-side with rocket powered cars” my reaction was a solid…meh.

But that’s not entirely accurate (and not just because the player limit is 4v4). Rocket League is based around the beautiful game with two teams on a rectangular pitch trying to guide a very large and bouncy ball into their opponent’s goal. You drive cars, oh and they can also fly a little bit.

The game is simple to learn in terms of the basics. However there are plenty of advanced skills and techniques that will take months (or maybe years in my case) to master. Aerial hits, goals, bicycle hits, epic saves are all still siting at zero or near-zero on my stats list.

This game really shines when playing with friends online. Party up with 1-3 friends and you can dominate over uncoordinated teams randomly placed together, or at least have mates to yell at when you’ve just accidentally flicked it into your own net.

A friend told me yesterday that in a recent game his opponents were down 14-1 and refused to forfeit the game. I couldn’t see that happening in Fifa somehow. It shows how much fun this game is that you can be losing 14-1 and not want to quit.

Rocket League is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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