I almost pre-ordered Tom Clancy’s The Division

Never pre-order a game. Never. Having grown out of the desire to play a game on its launch day (especially with the usual day one patches and inevitable online server issues) I haven’t pre-ordered a game in a long time. Despite being a wise old gaming sage, I almost pre-ordered Tom Clancy’s The Division. Why?

Having followed the game since E3 2015, something continues to appeal to me about The Division. It ticks several boxes of what I’m looking for in a game:

  • Blend of shooter/RPG with customisation, progression etc.
  • Singleplayer option (for when you just don’t feel like being social)
  • Online co-op

That last point is crucial for me. I enjoy online co-op games with friends in BF4, Battlefront, Rocket League or Age of Booty (yes that last one is a real game and no it’s not what it sounds like). I’m excited about The Division because it’s a next-gen exclusive RPG online co-op game. Everything I’m looking for. I should pre-order it.

After the dizzying excitement wore off and a more level head prevailed, I have decided to wait until the first wave of reviews. There are several rumblings via reddit and beta gameplay videos about the graphics, dark zone (PvP) game mechanics, and the fact that enemies are quite often bullet sponges (think 20 shots to take down a guy in a hoody with a baseball bat).

That last criticism irks me somewhat, as people seem to be forgetting this is an RPG, not an FPS, and that this is following a Destiny-type damage model. Still, it remains to be seen how fun that will be after a while.

Have a look at some gameplay footage below. Expect a review, but just a few days after launch of course…

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