Want a free bus ride in Auckland? Here’s how.

Auckland bus drivers are refusing to handle cash for more than a week from tomorrow as they continue their bitter industrial dispute over the possible scrapping of overtime and weekend rates.

First Union bus organiser Rudd Hughes said more than 100 Howick and Eastern drivers will let cash-paying customers on to their buses for free, and would not sign on before their rostered shift starts, from 4am tomorrow until 4am on Friday next week.

“To prepare for their shifts drivers must arrive early, but this time isn’t considered work time even though they are carrying out duties necessary for their work,” Mr Hughes said.

Howick and Eastern Buses is being accused by First Union of repeatedly trying to remove weekend and overtime rates, which the union said is at the heart of the issue.


The strike will also include drivers refusing to drive buses with known safety defects, buses with a defective Hop card reader or ticketing machine, and buses without a working radio telephone or warrant of fitness and road user certificate.

So if you are using one of these buses, its worth asking your bus driver if he is taking cash before you use your HOP card…


H/T- NZ Herald

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