Ronnie O’Sullivan Explains 147 Refusal

The mercurial Ronnie O’Sullivan had the opportunity to make the 14th maximum break of his career at the Welsh Open on Monday afternoon.

Instead, as he decided the prize money of £10,000 to be unworthy of a 147 break, he shunned the chance by opting to pot a pink rather than black as the frame came to a conclusion.

Early in the frame, when it became clear that the maximum was on, O’Sullivan had enquired as to the amount of prize money on offer.

The current world number five explained his decision after he beat Barry Pinches to progress into the second round of the tournament.

I knew it was £10,000. I could have done it, but I didn’t think the prize was worthy of a 147. So I’ve tried to let it build up until it’s worthy and then go for it.

It’s like going into a Mercedes garage and when they say that you can have the car for £3,000, you reply, ‘No way, that’s too cheap. I’m not buying it for that’.

Certain things have value, and a 147 is a special moment. I want it to feel special all round.

But the punters still got value for money today. Now they’ve got something more to look forward to. There’s still room for improvement.

You like to entertain your fans. It’s like a film. You want them to come back and watch the next one.

There is no point in giving them the best ending they’ve ever had. Leave room for a better ending next time

Below you can watch how it happened



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