The Purge: Election Year – Official Trailer

No, this isn’t Donald Trumps latest plan to get himself into office. Its the 3rd movie in the surprisingly successful series. This time around we are asked what would happen when an enterprising senator attempts to bring an end to the Purge? Lost veteran Elizabeth Mitchell plays Senator Hillary Clinton Charlie Rowan, an American senator who’s campaigning on a promise to stop the violent annual Purge after it ruined her family; Frank Grillo returns as the Purge veteran tasked with protecting her.And before the Election, there just so happens to be a Purge, with the secret evil types out to silence her.

The previous movies blend of standard-issue horror and  social commentary has made it a surprising success.  It looks like The Purge: Election Year is going to tackle political extremism, religious fundamentalism, and the socio-economic inequality that underpins the series, all timely in an American Election year. It’s due to be released on Independence Day in the States.


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