A $750,000 crash in Auckland

A black Mercedes-Benz rolled into a parked Lamborghini Aventador on Auckland’s High St today, apparently after the Mercedes driver struggled to reach for a parking machine.

The Lamborghini is thought to be worth $595,000 with the Mercedes-Benz S Class retailing from $197,500.

An employee of a High St shop said he was told the driver of the Mercedes got out of the car as he was leaving the parking building.

“He couldn’t reach the ticket machine, and then he got out of the car and it just rolled and hit the Lamborghini.”

A man whose car was in the building alongside the Mercedes has described the incident unfolding.

He said the driver dropped the ticket and got out.

The witness, who did not want to be named, said the Mercedes then went backwards.

The driver leaned into the car to try to stop it, but accidentally put it into forward gear by mistake.

“[He] obviously couldn’t stop the rolling forward despite trying to hang on the outside.”

The witness said it was “unbelievably lucky that no people or moving cars were there at that time”.

Nobody was hurt, but there are some quite sore wallets out there now..


H/T Herald

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